174 Raymond Rd. Candia NH 03034, USA

Triumph 2000

Very complete early-build (#240) 2,000 produced in 1948/49


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This Elegant and very complete early-build (#240) 1948 TR2000 is one of 2,000 produced in 1948/49, of which approximately 100 reside stateside.  

Repainted in metallic green, it now shows some imperfections. The interior door panels, carpet, and seats are in nice shape and the canvas soft top looks recently installed. Underlying wood body tub is solid, fiberglass front fenders replace the original steel and the remainder of the body, hood, doors, trunk, etc. are original aluminum in excellent condition. Due to several years’ lack of use, the car is in need of brake work but has great potential for someone with mechanical skills.

Mechanically, the trafficators are operational and the electricals, clutch, transmission, (3 spd column shift) battery and exhaust are good working order. Chrome is very good, and the interior is extremely clean but the wood dash could use some refinishing. The car retains a callback to its original state, found in the red leather jump seats – untouched from 1948.  It also has wide whitewall, bias ply tires in good shape with original caps.
The original engine runs exceptionally well, sporting a rare factory rebuild plate indicating .020″ over on both crank and bore, completed on June 9, 1957 (see pictures).  Overall, a very complete car needing very little to get back on the road. Several spare parts come with the car including the original air filter housing.