174 Raymond Rd. Candia NH 03034, USA

Historic Motor Sports helps protect your investment with secure, climate controlled classic automobile storage.

Historic Motor Sports is the region’s premier location for vintage and classic automobile storage. Our vehicle friendly storage facility provides a clean, secure home for your vehicles, where the temperature is a constant 65º all-year long. Outfitted with motion sensors, infrared cameras and perimeter sensors, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the care of the professionals at Historic Motor Sports. Whether you need year-round or seasonal storage we can accommodate all of your vehicle needs and help you maintain your classic vehicle for years to come. If you’re storing your vehicle for the first time or getting ready to take your vehicle out of storage, click here for expert tech tips on Preparing Your Car For Storage and Taking Your Car From Storage.

Premium Climate Controlled & Secure Storage

  • 5,200 Square Feet of Fully Climate Controlled Space
  • Full Building Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) System
  • Infrared and Motion Detecting Security System
  • 16 Security Cameras
  • Building Staffed and Monitored Year Round

Vehicle Access

  • Our Staff is On Site Year Round
  • We Can Accommodate Your Schedule

Seasonal or Year Round

  • Store Your “Summer car” for the Winter
  • Store Your “Winter Car” for the Summer
  • Store Your Show Car When Not at Shows
  • Store the Car(s) You’re Not Working On
  • So You Have Space for the One(s) You Are Working On
  • Buy the Car You Want But Don’t Have Room For

Use Historic Motor Sports as Your Garage

  • Go Out for a Day or a Weekend or a Week – and then Return Once per Month at No Charge
  • $25.00 Service Charge for Additional “Outings”
  • 24 Hours’ Notice Required to Have Your Car Ready when You Want It
  • Our Secure “Sally Port” Allows Pick-up and Drop-off After Hours
  • HMS is also a licensed NH state inspection station